Adam Faigen

Food and hospitality has always been at the core of Adam’s life. An expression of love, which his mother and grandmothers imparted on him. The aromas and flavours in their kitchen were guided by their own family’s journey through Iraq, Singapore, Israel, Poland & Russia before finally settling in Australia.

Adam started in the hospitality industry in 1996 and opened his first restaurant in 2001. He relishes all aspects of the industry – connecting with customers and making their experience memorable. Golda has been a project Adam has been planning for many years.

Dominic Scott

Rotem Papo

Rotem started his culinary career working under world renown chef Meir Adoni at ‘Catit’ in Tel Aviv. From there he moved to Australia where he quickly became an integral part of the Melbourne food scene. Head chef of L’hotel Gitan and most recently at One Hat restaurant Bar Lourinha, Rotem’s style of cooking comes from his sense of passion and curiosity.

His inspiration comes from the exciting new dishes his mother made for him growing up, from the traditional cooking of both his grandmothers Rosa and Lydia. Foods from Bulgaria and Morocco that Rotem modernises with spices, fresh herbs and citrus to spread around the table.