Golda Babayit | Golda at Home

3 course meal designed for you by our Head Chef Rotem Papo.

With inspiration from his family heritage, Rotem Papo’s dishes are a melting pot of North African, Middle Eastern & European flavours.

It comes with easy to follow instructions so you can create the Golda feast in your own home.

$130 set menu for 2 ($65 a person)

Place your order by 8pm Thursday for Friday or Saturday | Pickup and delivery available

Compliment your meal by adding cocktails and wine from our selected list.

*Let us know if you have any dietaries.

$130.00Add to order

Or order individual items from our menu. Prepared by our Head Chef Rotem, and finished by you at home. $60 minimum spend

Lechem | Bread

Laffa bread
iraqi flat bread | VG | GF

$7.00Add to order

Salatim | Salads

Grandma Rosa’s pickles
carrot, cauliflower, turnip | VG | GF

$6.00Add to order

House made hummus
smoked paprika oil| GF | VE

$8.00Add to order

broad beans, mint| VG | GF |

$9.00Add to order

Baba ganoush

pomegranate seeds, za’atar | VE | GF | VG

$8.00Add to order

Green lentil salad
marinated peppers, citrus | VG | GF

$9.00Add to order

Dagim | Fish

Wild Barramundi
chickpeas, spinach, amba & coconut sauce | GF

$31.00Add to order

Basar | Meat

Slow cooked Lamb shoulder
smoked tomatoes, green tahini, coriander GF | DF

$31.00Add to order

Yerakot | Vegetables

Grilled savoy cabbage
herb dressing, sour cream, almonds | VG

$8.00Add to order

Golda’s house salad
iceberg lettuce, heart of palm, date honey | VG

$10.00Add to order

Kinoah | Dessert


citrus & cardamom honey, toasted coconut

$8.00Add to order


Bazooka Joe
Gin, Rhubarb Liqueur, Cointreau, Lemon

$16.00Add to order

Shlomy’s Margarita
Tequila, Sloe gin, Sumac syrup, Lime

$16.00Add to order

Atlas Pastiche Old Fashioned
Bourbon, Pistachio, Apple

$16.00Add to order

Yain | Wine


Endless Shiraz
Heathcote 2017

$30.00Add to order

Poggio Anima Sangivoese
Toscana, Italy 2017

$35.00Add to order

Hirsch Hill Cabernet Sauvignon
Yarra Valley 2016

$35.00Add to order

Hermon Yarden Red
Galilee, Israel 2012

$40.00Add to order

Yirron Galil red blend
Upper Galilee, Israel 2016

$55.00Add to order


Little Goat Creek Sauvignon Blanc
Marlborough, NZ 2016

$25.00Add to order

Dal Zotto Pinot Grigio
King Valley, 2019

$30.00Add to order

Reverie Chardonnay
France 2018

$30.00Add to order

Teperberg Vision Dry White
Judean Hills, Israel 2018

$40.00Add to order

Gotas de Mar Albarino
Rias Baixas, Spain 2017

$55.00Add to order

Psagot Chardonnay
Judean Hills, Israel 2017

$60.00Add to order

Bandini Prosecco
Veneto, Italy, Non Vintage

$35.00Add to order

Mashkahoht | Drinks


Capi Blood Orange Soda 250ml

$4.00Add to order

Capi Cranberry Soda 250ml

$4.00Add to order

Capi Pink Grapefruit Soda 250ml

$4.00Add to order

Capi Mineral Water 250ml

$4.00Add to order

Capi Mineral Water 750ml

$8.00Add to order



Excite your taste buds and bring the flavours of Golda into your home.

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